Hi All!

My name is Dani, welcome to my site! On here you I plan to have information galore to share! My main points of information will be how health, nutrition, and mindset can impact your life, as well as options to improve them all.

So what makes me qualified to talk about this? No, I don’t have official schooling in any of this. I do however have life experience (and I’m working on a nutrition coaching certification). I have done the yoyo dieting, have gone through depression, have anxiety issues, suffered from insomnia, deal with having a low thyroid (hyperthyroidism), tried countless exercise regimes, and deal with everyday life.

Happily I can say that I’m in a place that I truly love myself – I don’t always love everything all the time, but I love that I can always work to be a better me. I can also say that there is no one way to do things, and life will change constantly. What works today, won’t work tomorrow; what didn’t work yesterday, might work today. Half the fun is figuring it out. Yes, I said fun. If you don’t have fun with it, you won’t find what works. And yes, my eating, exercise and thoughts of all of it change, regularly. It’s called being human.

Some information will be based off of my own personal experience. However if I refer to research, studies or alternative movement or health options, they will be researched and sourced.

I also want this place to be somewhere that people can feel safe. There is no topic that I’m not interested in researching, so please share your thoughts! I’m also interested in other points of view and alternatives to information. However, please do so in a respectful manner, as what works for one person, may not work for another.

Eventually I plan to offer some additional programs and services to help those in need of changing their quality of life or growing their self-love!

Come join me in the adventure. Please comment, like and share with those who might want to do the same!



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