The Right Time

When is it the right time to start a new program? To eat healthier, to Exercise more.

Browsing social media I often see statements of ‘I’m not ready to start something right now’, or ‘Life is too busy to start exercising’ or ‘I’ll eat healthier when I have something to work towards’.

While these can all be valid excuses in our minds (and yes, I have used all of these), they aren’t actually doing us any good. The truth of the matter is that there is no right time to start. There will always be something in your way, something that comes up, life that is busy, work and family that calls your attention, while tomorrow seems like a distance future – there will be something standing in your way tomorrow as well.

So, that being said. The best time to start is now. Yes right now. Get up off your chair and do 5 push ups. It’s okay… I’ll wait






Did you do them?

Okay that probably didn’t help much, but did it make you smile? If it did, good! If you got up and did the push ups – Nice work! If it made you nervous, great! Any of these means that it got you thinking about change.

So when should you start? Re-start? Press the ‘un-pause’ button? Right now, this evening, tomorrow morning. Don’t think too much about it. Make a plan of what you’re going to do – whether its to eat a healthy breakfast tomorrow, to buy a fitbit or movement tracker, to sign up for a personal trainer, a group fitness class, find a nutrition coach, to wake up and go for a walk or do some yoga.

Are you ready? You bet. Will you like all of it? Nope. Will you find things that you do like? Absolutely. Will you make some mistakes? Probably. Will you still get to eat cake?  Of course!

So make a decision for yourself and find one small thing to do differently tomorrow. Baby steps.

Let me know what change you’re going to make! Please Share, like, & comment 🙂



Need some extra help? I’ll be certified as a Nutrition Coach by the summer (2017) and I’m looking for a few people who might want to make a positive change in their nutrition whether for overall health or performance based reasons. AND it will me put what I’ve learned in to practice. If you’re interested, let me know and I can give you some more details!


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