Having Fun with Exercise… and possibly with lifting weights?

One of the biggest challenges that I used to have with Exercise, was that I didn’t find it particularly fun..Going to the gym, and too intimidated to use any of the machines, so I would sit on a bike and mindlessly ride it and read tabloid magazines until I felt like I had done enough. Don’t get me wrong, any exercise is better than no exercise, but why not have fun with it?

Insert learning how to lift heavy stuff. Now, I’ve never had formal training when it comes to weight training, most of it has come from my amazingly smart boyfriend Evan, and then I also spend a lot of time reading about fitness and weight training. Learning how to lift was one of the most influential pieces to my activity. I felt so powerful when I was able to put some big weights on the bar, and then you see physical results and it keeps pushing you to move forward.

If you want to give it a try, but don’t know where to start  – Hire a trainer. Find one that is certified, that wont get you to do anything ridiculous (like over head squats on a stability ball) or Dangerous (such as not focusing on form). Give them your goals, really listen to them, trust that they know what they are doing, and put it into practice. You might find that they push you to keep going so you continue to use them for years. You may also find that you become comfortable with the information that you have learned and want to go out and do your own thing. Either way, investing in bettering your well being is never bad money spent.

Weight training has unbelievable benefits to your body, such as keeping bone strength, lean muscle mass and your metabolism up. That being said, I’m not saying its going to be everyone’s favourite thing to do. The point I’m trying to make, is find something that makes you want to go back. To keep going. To have fun.

This can be anything. Hiking (which is also my favorite), Dancing, Water sports, boxing, running, Rock Climbing, Team sports, Skiing/snowboarding, Barre, At home workout videos, skating etc..

Hiking Yoho National Park, August 2016

Find something you love to do. How do you find out? Go out and try a bunch of different things! Afterwards, how do you feel? Can you not wait to do it again? Do that one again! You never know what you’ll find that you love.

As an example, a few years ago a friend offered to have my try out a practice with her Dragonboat team. Something so completely random that I never would have thought about trying. I was surprised at how good of a workout it is! Fast forward a few years, and I’m going into my 7th season on that team, and still love the workout and the team atmosphere.

Dragonboat Team at the Lethbridge Festival, 2016

….And Better yet, when you get involved in a sport/activity that you love, you may find that you want to continue to get better at it, which may lead you back to that weight room…


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