Series Alert! The Importance of Meal Planning

Meal planning can get a bad rep. How many times do you hear that meal planning is something that you need to do? What are your reactions when you hear it? Is it something that you’re afraid of? Is it something that you dread? Is it something that you’re excited for?

A lot of times meal planning can look as if you need to plan out your meals so that you eat the same thing every day, or that you take a good portion out of one of your weekend days preparing all of your meals for the whole week. It can also look very strict, where you can only eat certain foods, and avoid others, and that you need to eat this type of food at this time on this day.

While all of these options are valid and can have align with certain goals, for the average person, it doesn’t need to be that complicated if you don’t want it to be.

So why meal plan in the first place?

-It can help save time during the week, you know what you are going to be making

-It can help save you money by avoiding the waste of food, and having a plan while grocery shopping

-Cooking your own food is generally a lot healthier for you, as you control what goes in your food.

-It reduces the changes of going out for dinner, eating prepackaged frozen dinners, or ordering in food.

-It will also teach you a lot about what you like, what you don’t, what you can cook etc..


Over the next few posts to come out over the coming weeks, I will be posting some tricks to help keep you sane when it comes to meal planning. How to start, how to make it affordable, to make it straightforward, options to make the recipes that you’re using healthier or more filling, and what to prep ahead of time.


First Part to come out next Wednesday!


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