Beet Noodle and Goat Cheese Salad

IMG_0629If you have read my meal prep series, I mention pre-noodled vegetables. I found at Safeway them a few weeks ago (okay Evan found them and told me about them…), and they have rocked my socks. Not only are they a great alternative to eating pasta (don’t get me wrong though, I like a good pasta), but they are also super convenient, delicious, and who doesn’t love things in noodle form?!

This recipe, I can’t take credit for. This was a Pinterest find. Below is the website and the link to the recipe. I’ve also browsed the rest of the page, and there is some good looking stuff on there – I will try some more of those!

I served the salad alongside a bbq’d pork chop and some left over wild rice from the dinner the night before. But really, it was the salad that was the star.

The recipe suggests eating this cold, but I heated it up the next day for lunch with the rest of the food, and was just as yummy warm (maybe even more so because the cheese melted and made a cheesy coating on the beets)! They also say to spiral your own beets, which is definitely also doable, but the pre-spiraled ones are far more convenient!

Beet Noodle and Goat Cheese Salad – My Life Cookbook

Please share your thoughts on this recipe with me!


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