3 Ingredient Chocolate Protein Pancakes

I’m sorry that this is appearing on Sunday instead of my usual Friday post. This weekend was our first camping trip (yay!!!!!), and before that I was in Kananaskis for a work event, and while, that is no real excuse, I forgot how much work goes in to prepping for a weekend of camping!

So, in hopes to apologize, the recipe today is one of my favourite, quick, and easy breakfast. Packed with deliciousness, and protein, these will help keep your energy up for your day ahead.

3 Ingredient Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Makes: about 3 – 4 pancakes

Time: 10 minutes (if that…)


1 ripe banana

1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder (I like to use Chocolate Vegan Shakeology for these! You could also try a different flavour protein powder if chocolate isn’t your thing)

1 Egg

(Optional Toppings, 1 of them, or all of them if you’re feeling crazy!)


Peanut butter

Maple Syrup


Vanilla Yogurt



Mash up the banana well so that there are minimal chucks, add egg and mix well. Mix in chocolate protein powder. Combine and until all of the powder is mixed in. I will probably look like there is too much powder at first, but keep combining, It will start to blend together.

Over medium- low heat, heat up a small amount of butter, cooking spray or oil of your choice (coconut oil adds a nice flavour), in a small frying pan. Once heated, add the batter in small portions in the pan. Once you see bubbles forming on the top, flip over.

Remove from heat, serve & Enjoy! IMG_0437


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