Apple Turkey Burgers

One of my favourite things about warm weather season is BBQ season. And what goes better for a weeknight grill session than a burger?

You may not know this (or if you spend any time with me you will) but my favourite food probably ever is the hamburger. Any kind of burger.. the classic, the fancied, the chicken and turkey burgers, fish burgers, and dare I say it.. even the veggie burger.

Now, the hamburger can be super high in trans fats, and calories but done right, can also be full of veggie toppings, lean proteins and healthy fats. That’s one of the things that I loved about this recipe! It’s full of flavour and texture!

The topping options are endless for this one, but I recommend not over powering the flavours of th patty. I put a sliced piece of Gouda on top of it, as well as some tomatoes, lettuce, sauerkraut and some more of the chutney… all on a thin bun! Next time I might try carmelized onions and a slice of grilled apple!

I want to know what you think! And what you would put on top of it!

Happy Burgering!

Apple Turkey Burgers



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