Change takes hard work.

Change is hard. It takes dedication, commitment to your goals, it takes time.

Can you change in a short period of time? Yes. Change can happen quickly. But when we talk about long term lifestyle goals that you set for yourself, it’s going to take time.

One of the biggest challenges that you will face when it comes to meeting your goals is going to be putting in that hard work. It takes making a commitment every day.

So why not set some things in place where you can set yourself up to succeed?

-First of all, don’t do it alone. Find someone to help – whether that’s a trainer, a gym with an awesome community, a spouse or friend to keep you accountable, or a coach.

-Set small goals. Goals that you know that you can achieve. A lot of us fail at meeting our goals because we take on too much too quickly. So find something that you know that you can do. It can be anything – putting your fork down between meals, putting your running shoes next to your bed (you don’t even have to put them on if that’s too daunting, just next to your bed to start can help), or something like drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning.

-Do one, maybe 2 things at a time. That’s it. Don’t add more on until you’re ready.

-Celebrate the small victories. They all count.

To share one of my own personal goals – I really want to be able to do an unassisted wide-grip pull up. I wanted to be able to do a chin up, and I’ve reached that one (I can now do 3 in a row)! So let’s do the pull up. If you’ve ever trained to do one – part of it is doing hangs on the bar and doing negative pull ups where you hold yourself up on the bar in the ‘up’ position and then slowly lower yourself down as slow and controlled as possible.

So, last night, I was doing some negative holds and decided I would take a picture of it. I was pleasantly surprised at how muscular my back has become. Is it perfect? No. Are there things to work on? Always. And while I can’t do the full pull up yet, I needed to celebrate the small victory.


I’m curious to know – what are your goals?


Do you have any nutrition related goals? If so, maybe looking into a coach is something that can help. If you’re interested in learning about working with a nutrition coach, please let me know! My nutrition coaching is based on building habits to make you as successful as you can be for a long time to come. You don’t have to worry about being a slave to food if you don’t want to be. There is a way to have balance – I promise.


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