Jerk Chicken with Avocado Salsa and roasted veggies


I’m sorry this is a few days late! I promise that I was doing fun things in the mountains instead!

I made this recipe a month or so ago and realized it was lacking serious veggies. So… before sharing it I figured I would make some adjustments! So insert mixed grilled veggies!

The thing that I love about grilling veggies in a grill basket is that you can really throw anything that you want in there. It’s also a great way to use up extra veggies that you have in the fridge that may need to be used sooner rather than later (yes, we all have them…). In this one we had Zuchini, peppers, corn, pineapple and red onions. Tossed lightly in some olive oil and salt and pepper before adding it on to the grill in the grill basket – makes for deliciously flavourful (and healthy) addition to the meal!

Give this one a try! It’s a great addition to any week! Keep in mind this one does take a little bit more planning as the marinade takes some time to make and the chicken should sit in the marinade for a while.

(Also you’ll notice that the recipe calls for mango with the salsa – they didn’t have any when I made this so mine was just Avocado)

Jerk Chicken with grilled veggies & Avocado Salsa


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