BBQ Chicken Wraps

Tired of me posting BBQ recipes yet? Too bad! Still a few more months of BBQ season left.

Chicken breasts are often over utilized. A plain old chicken breast can sometimes get pretty boring. This recipe is anything but! Its super fresh, the crunch of the lettuce and the pineapples adds some brightness to the wrap.


Naturally, I made a few changes to it when I made it (because its what I do with every recipe, it’s why I so rarely bake…) I added some honey mustard to the wrap and sliced avocado. Also, instead of adding the raw red onions, I caramelized them.

For the BBQ sauce, you can easily make your own if you are wanting to avoid the store bought options. However we have found this BBQ sauce called ‘Uncle Dougies’ which is super yummy, and has a great ingredient list. We generally use this stuff for most of our weekday BBQ requirements (If Evan is truely bbqing – as in long smoking time kind of bbq, then he makes his own).


Check out the recipe here: BBQ Chicken Wraps

Hope you Enjoy!


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