Nutrition Coaching FAQ

Who is a Nutrition Coach?

A Nutrition coach is someone with an in depth knowledge of Nutrition that can help provide answers when it comes to basic nutrition planning and information. A Nutrition coach is not a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist, they can not prescribe or diagnose, but they can guide and advise.


What is Nutrition Coaching?

Have you been told that you need to lose some weight? Have you tried diets just to go back to where you were before you started them? Do you have specific performance goals and need some assistance getting there? Do you know WHAT you need to do but lack the consistency to get it done?

Coaching for nutrition is the same as coaching for a sport, or a business. Sometimes you just need someone to help keep you accountable. You don’t know where to start, and want someone to help guide you with building the right habits, making the right choices and lead you to achieving your goals when it comes to fuelling your body right.

While the basics are the same for most people, everyone’s journey is different. Your goals may be different than someone else’s. Your body is different, and how it reacts to food and exercise is going to be different than the person standing next to you. The coaching with Live Happy helps you develop the basics when it comes to food and eating habits, while still customizing it to your unique goals and your unique self.


Who is Nutrition Coaching for?

Coaching is for someone who is ready to make a long term change. This type of program is NOT a quick fix. It is long term relationship building with food. This means that we go slowly. Building habits and knowledge over a long period of time. In depth programs start at 3 months, but most people get the best benefit over a year of coaching.

Coaching is also for people who are looking to increase their sport performance. Nutrition plays a huge part not only in your overall appearance but how you perform in your activities. You can manipulate your food intake in order to make your muscles work better, and let you move better.


If I want to lose a few pounds for an upcoming event, can you help with that?

While most programs are designed for long term goals, yes, we can customize a program to help you with shorter term goals as well.


If I just want some information on eating better, can you help with that?

Yes, I am more than happy provide you some information to give YOU a place to start.

A lot of that information is also provided readily available on this blog, and across the internet. The reason that a lot of self-motivated food changes have trouble is that there is little accountability. In order to make the best changes long term, having someone to coach you a long the way is the best way to set yourself up to success.


Do you have more questions? Interested in getting some information about having a nutrition coach? Please Contact me!