Grilled Pork over Vermicelli Noodles

Asian Flavors are some of my favourite. It’s so interesting and flavorful! I am also a huge fan of the texture of rice noodles! Anyone else?

I am a huge carb monster. Anything carbs are my nemesis. Especially bread. Warm, fresh bread (sorry while I drool a little). SO I am constantly working to make sure that I am choosing the best options of carbs when I can. If you’re a carb lover like me, but also gain weight when looking at a piece of bread (also like me), try to focus on choosing some options that are just ‘a little bit better’. Whole grain sprouted bread, something with high fibre, brown or wild rice instead of white rice.

So what does this all have to do with this recipe? Because I used that rule here and decided to try brown-rice Vermicelli noodles. All in all, tasted the same as white-rice vermicelli noodles, but less carbs per serving. Winning!

Variations to this meal: Not a pork fan? Try chicken, shrimp or tofu!

Okay, so here is the recipe for you! I hope you enjoy it. (P.S. I’m sorry that the picture is terrible… I swear it’s delicious).

Grilled Pork over Vermicelli Noodles


Crockpot Shredded Beef

What is the biggest struggle with eating at home during the week? Is it time? So how do you make this easier? How do you continue to eat well and healthy when time is money (or sleep)? Food prep is key. But your next best friend? The crockpot.

We all have that crockpot that is taking up room on a shelf somewhere. It’s time to pull that puppy out. If you don’t have one, its time to track one down (they aren’t that pricey).

Crock pots are great for soup, great for pulled pork, stews, etc.. Anything that takes some time that needs some simmering time. They are also great to set up in the morning, forget it through the day, and have dinner ready for the time that you get home. Just in time to get on the way to whatever your evening has in store.

This recipe is great because it can be used in a multitude of different ways. This most recent time, I used it in tacos, along with cheese, veggies & hot sauce. However you could use it in sandwiches, quesadillas, on top of salad, with rice and grilled veggies, the options are endless.

Crockpot Shredded Beef


Beef Round (size depending on how much you want)

1/2 sliced yellow onion

1 can green chilis

1/2 Cup low sodium beef stock

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp cumin

pinch of chili flakes (optional)

Salt and Pepper to taste


In crockpot, add ingredients on high for 6 hours, or low for 8. If possible, rotate 1/2 way through.

When cooked through, remove from pot, shred with 2 forks, spoon a few ladle-fulls of left-over juices and onions over the meat. Use as desired.



Healthy Chicken Parm over Zucchini Noodles

WHAT?! Healthy Chicken Parm?! This is a thing?

Also yes. I’m on that Vegetable noodle thing again. Because its awesome, and Zucchini is highly underrated.

Store-bought Zuchini noodles – Life changer

You could make this chicken parm and put it over pasta, rice, other veggies or just eat it as is. Whatever floats your boat. Also, I recommend making a bunch of the ‘breading’ mixture and save it for later. The first time you make it the coating can take some time to make as you have to ground everything up. So if you are able to prep this ahead of time it will save you a bunch of extra steps on the day that you actually make it.

For the Marinara sauce, there are a ton of different options. Making your own is probably the best option as you can truly control what you put in it. However, unless you take the time to do this ahead of time, it does take some time. My favorite option is to buy it… buyer alert!¬† CHECK THE INGREDIENT LIST. Store bought Marinara Sauce can have all kind of additives and sugars, and stabilizers etc added to it. Stuff that you do not need to have in your food. The one that I have found that I like the best is the Kirkland Marinara sauce. You buy it at Costco in bundles of 3, for something like $13 (don’t quote me on that one, I couldn’t find it on their website to verify), and it is all ingredients that you can pronounce with no added sugars.

So try this one out!

Chicken Parm with Zucchini Noodles


Beachbody’s Chicken Parm Recipe

1 cup Kirkland Marinara Sauce (or homemade)

2 diced carrots

2 stalks diced celery

1/2 small yellow onion, sliced

Premade Zucchini noodles or 4 Zucchinis run through a zoodle maker

Grated Parm Cheese (or other type of cheese to top, picture shows crumbled goat cheese)


Follow directions for chicken via link above for breading and cooking the chicken.

In a medium sauce pan, sautee carrots, celery and onion in tbsp of oil of your choice. Once slightly softened, add marinara sauce. Cook until heated through. Add salt and pepper (or hot sauce) to taste if desired.

Boil a large pot of salted water. Once boiled, add zucchini. Cook until al-dente, but not too soft.

Serve chicken on top of the zoodles, cover with marinara sauce.



Coated Chicken  over the cooked noodles
Veggie Marinara sauce over chicken topped with goat cheese


Green Eggs and Ham

Who doesn’t love Dr. Suess? I was always a fan of the silly rhymes. AAAnd I’m particularly driven towards anything that involves food. Particularly breakfast food.

So why not a play on Green Eggs and Ham. You can find hundreds of different recipes out there when it comes to Green Eggs and Ham. This one is just one that I made up. A fancier name would probably be something about poached eggs and avocado cream sauce. But that sounds much less fun.

All sorts of delicious things in there with veggies, and protein to keep you full into the lunch hour!


1 slice Multigrain toast

2 eggs, poached medium (or longer or lighter if you prefer)

1 slice ham

1/2 cup sauteed spinach

1/4 cup halved cherry tomatoes

Avocado Creme:

1 Avocado

1/4 cup sour cream or plain yogurt

juice from 1 lemon

salt and pepper


In a food processor or blender combine ingredients for avocado creme, blend and set aside.

In a small pot poach the eggs until preferred doneness (check out this video for some useful tips on doing so: Poaching an egg). Set aside in a slated spoon for a few moments to allow excess water to drain off before adding it to the plate.

Mealwhile, in a small pan, heat a small amount of butter or olive oil over medium heat. Once heated, add spinach and tomatoes, salt and pepper. Cook until spinach has wilted and tomatoes are warmed through. Set aside on a separate plate.

Once veggies are done, add ham to the warm pan and heat until lightly browned.

On a small plate, combine meal by placing ham and veggies on a piece of buttered multigrain toast, top with the poached egss, and cover in Avocado cream sauce.



Chicken Satay noodles

Okay, so this isn’t a traditional satay sauce, but for a weekday dinner, it is super quick and delicious. Best thing? Can be eaten warm or cold. Great for leftovers – with or without a microwave.

Recipe originally from Rachel Ray’s Big Orange Book (with a few changes)


1 Pack of thick rice noodles

1/4 cup natural peanut butter

tbsp honey

1/4 cup light coconut milk

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 finely chopped garlic clove

1 tsp of ginger

1 zuchini, match-sticked

1 carrot, shredded or match-sticked

4 Scallions

1 cup of spinach

Juice of 2 -3 limes

tbsp hot sauce (I’m a fan of sriracha for this recipe)

2 cooked chicken breasts (seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder) or 2 cups of shredded rotisserie chicken

Handful of peanuts, lime wedges and chopped cilantro to top with.


Bring a large pot of water to boil, add salt to the water. Once water is boiled, add noodles and cook until al dente. Drain, and toss with cold water and a little coconut or sesame oil so that the noodles don’t stick.

While the noodles are doing their thing, soften peanut butter in microwave, and combine with honey, soy sauce and coconut milk. Stir until combined. Add Garlic, Ginger, Lime juice, hot sauce, soy sauce.

Over medium heat, lightly cook the vegetables until slightly softened. Add chicken, sauce and noodles. Toss all ingredients together until sauce has coated everything.

Serve with lime wedge, chopped peanuts and cilantro.

If eating cold, leave time to cool.



BBQ Chicken Wraps

Tired of me posting BBQ recipes yet? Too bad! Still a few more months of BBQ season left.

Chicken breasts are often over utilized. A plain old chicken breast can sometimes get pretty boring. This recipe is anything but! Its super fresh, the crunch of the lettuce and the pineapples adds some brightness to the wrap.


Naturally, I made a few changes to it when I made it (because its what I do with every recipe, it’s why I so rarely bake…) I added some honey mustard to the wrap and sliced avocado. Also, instead of adding the raw red onions, I caramelized them.

For the BBQ sauce, you can easily make your own if you are wanting to avoid the store bought options. However we have found this BBQ sauce called ‘Uncle Dougies’ which is super yummy, and has a great ingredient list. We generally use this stuff for most of our weekday BBQ requirements (If Evan is truely bbqing – as in long smoking time kind of bbq, then he makes his own).


Check out the recipe here: BBQ Chicken Wraps

Hope you Enjoy!

Fish Tacos with Corn Salsa

What’s better than Tacos? Honestly? Maybe a hamburger. But something about fish tacos that just scream summer time!

One of the fun things about tacos (similar to burgers) is that there are so many topping options! For these ones I made a purple cabbage slaw, grilled avocado and corn salsa. The slaw adds a great crunch, the salsa a brightness and the avocado a creaminess you just can’t ignore! Another great option that I love on fish tacos is a mango or pineapple salsa!


What’s your favourite fish taco topping?

Fish Tacos with Corn Salsa (Makes about 8 Tacos)



2-3 fillets of white fish (I used tilapia)

2 tsp cumin

2 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp chili powder

salt and pepper

olive oil

small flour or corn taco shells

Sliced Avocado


1/4 small head purple cabbage, shredded

1 green onion, sliced thinly

1/4 cup mayonaise

tbsp honey

tbsp dijon mustard

tsp white wine vinegar

salt and pepper

Corn Salsa:

1 Can corn, or 2 stalks of fresh corn

1 minced Red chili pepper (test before using to determine spiciness)

1/8 cup diced red onions

Juice from 2 Limes

Salt & Pepper


Combine mayo, honey, mustard, vinegar & salt together until mixed. Toss over the shredded cabbage and onions. Set aside.

Combine all of the ingredients for the salsa and set aside

sprinkle fish lightly with oil and rub the spices over top

Heat grill to medium heat, once hot, add fish and avocado to grill. If desired warm up tortillas on grill until grill marks appear. After 3-4 minutes, flip fish and avocado and heat fish until cooked through.

Remove all ingredients from the grill. Cut up fish and serve alongside toppings. I suggest serving everything in separate bowls so that everyone can put together their own taco.